Today we will discuss about the tricks to stop heartburn and their facts. If you’ve been taking antacids like candy lately, consider making some lifestyle changes. We can definitely move on. Sometimes medical factors can cause heartburn. But we can control other things. Here are just a few lifestyle changes you can make to control your heartburn.

1.    Lose weight:

Being overweight changes the pressure in the lower esophagus. This is the valve that prevents the stomach juice from crawling. Think of LES as a fist. If you make a hard fist, you can’t see the light of day through it but if the fist is loose, you can just as a loose LES allows acid to pass. Being overweight reduces that stress. Large amount of mass is one of the main cause of the heartburn because it affects the digestion system extremely.

2.    Keep a Journal:

Diaries are not just for angry teenagers. Many recommends keeping both food log and symptom record. Tracing both can help you to understand what works for your body. If we drink coffee every morning but get rid of chocolate and pepper and it relieves my symptoms, then we know there is no need to stop drinking coffee. All of us will be surprised at what they learn and what. A lot of people will say, I don’t have it but it may not be right for them. By applying diet and symptoms, they will find something more specific to them.

3.    Leave the soda:

In one study, people who drank at least one carbonated beverage a day had a 30 percent higher risk of heartburn at night than those who did not drink bubbly drinks.

4.    Prepare your dinner.

Freeman says to avoid eating at least three hours before bedtime. In another study, people who went to bed within 3 hours of dinner were 7.5 times more likely to develop gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) than those who went to bed after a meal. Waited 4 hours. If you’re still getting up and your stomach is working, Freeman says that we’re not in that danger position and we’re working against gravity. More ways to make gravity your friend, sit up straight while eating and consider lifting your bed head.

Facts About Heartburn:

Heartburn is easy, right? Eat too much (like five trips to an all-you-can-eat buffet), or eat the wrong things (like Uncle Joe’s “inferno” chicken wings) and you’ll get in trouble. So you drop an antacid, and you’re ready to go. But there is more to life than meets the eye. For example, did you know that chronic cough can be related to heartburn? Or that the painkillers you take can cause irritation? Or is candy an unknown cure for heartburn? Here are four amazing facts about heartburn:

1.    Stimuli come in many shapes and sizes:

You may have heard that you should avoid spicy foods, chocolate, cola, acidic tomato based dishes. But lesser known stimuli may be hidden in the medicine cabinet – drugs that can weaken your esophagus (LES) and cause stomach contents to return to your esophagus. A common culprit: over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Second: Antihistamines, whether over-the-counter or prescription. Others: Birth control pills and antispasmodics. Talk to your doctor if you think the medication may cause heartburn.

2.    Treatment does not need to come from the medicine cabinet:

Antacids and other heartburn remedies are definitely a good option to relieve or prevent burns. But here are some simple tricks to try.

  1. Chew for 30 minutes after eating. Chewing gum stimulates the swallowing process, which reduces acid reflux, which often occurs after a meal. Choose sugar-free varieties – and no mint. Mint can be irritating.
  2. Cut out salt and fat, and top up the fiber. Consuming less total fat and salt and more fiber can help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.
  3. Stay with the tried and true. With all the heartbreaking advice, stick to the best evidence-supporting strategies. Two proven heartburn benefits: losing weight (losing less than 10% of your body weight can relieve the symptoms of heartburn) and raising your bed head to sleep. Start your journey today to become thinner.

3.    Heartburn is preceded by burning:

Cough, tickling, teething. Recurrent or severe reflux, called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), can not only irritate your esophagus but can also cause sinusitis, cough, roughness, asthma, bad breath, gingivitis and you It can also contribute to tooth decay. Acid reflux can irritate or damage any surface it comes in contact with.

4.    Your family tree can affect you:

Does Daddy Pop the Antidotes Like Candy? Does your sister feel irritate after every bed? Genetics can cause up to 43% of your heartburn sensitivity. But it doesn’t matter what the cause is – chili fries, painkillers or taking it after dad – you have the option to stay chest free. Stop the symptoms of painful heartburn today.


I hope now you understand all the tricks to stop heartburn and their facts in detail and the precautions you should adopt for your healthy life. Physical Exercises after lunch and dinner are necessary on regular basis. To make yourself healthy kindly visit the healthy articles written by the professionals or you can also find an online writer there for writing an assignment or article regarding your requirement if you are facing heartburn and recovering from it and read all the precautions and the daily exercises you should do to make you fit and hard and over 40% of people in the United States have a heart attack at least once a month. About 10% of us get it daily. Whichever bucket you fall into, be careful if the heartburn is sometimes more than annoying. Chronic heartburn can be a sign of GERD a condition that if left untreated, increases the risk of esophageal cancer.

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