The Secret To Helping Children Eat Well And Mothers At Ease Are Surprisingly Simple

Children who eat well, eat well, and cry less are the dream of many diaper mothers. Fortunately, many mothers have found a way out with the No-force method, treating anorexia in children. With just a few simple words, many mothers have found the “light at the end of the tunnel” after a long time of struggling with their child’s anorexia.

Baby only eats well when the mothers “doesn’t force”

Although it is the 4.0 era, many mothers still keep the old-fashioned parenting habit, which is to force their children to eat a lot, the fatter the child the better. But the reality is the opposite, many experts have warned that forcing children to eat is one of the main reasons why children are afraid to eat, gradually becoming anorexic and malnutrition is an inevitable consequence. In particular, many children also panic and stress when it’s time to eat, making every meal a “rice with tears”. Many mothers also suffer from stress and depression because of impotence and deadlock.

Also a mother who has spent 5 months

Also a mother who has spent 5 months with her son fighting anorexia, Ms. Vu Quynh Anh has realized that eating is the baby’s need, the more the mother forces her to eat contrary to the need, the baby will panic. when it’s time to eat.

Ms. Quynh Anh said that baby Lucas – her son used to refuse to eat by mouth since the 5th month. She fertilized with a spoon and he refused to swallow. She has found all sorts of ways to help her son accept to eat, such as buying funny bottles to help him feel more interested in eating milk. But in the end he still wouldn’t eat so I had to use a feeding tube to feed him. After many times of researching and researching, at the 10th month, the baby started eating from a bottle again and ended Quynh Anh’s “nightmare”. The method to help her overcome this dark time is not to force her to eat a lot, only when she is hungry. Thanks to that, her son was no longer afraid of being fed and regained his appetite.

After that, Quynh Anh perfected the method of Do not force, cure anorexia in children and shared it with many other mothers. Quynh Anh is also the founder of the BATLOTE community with more than 150,000 members. Thousands of mothers have helped their children overcome anorexia by the method of not forcing their children to eat, liberating their children’s psychology, and allowing them to enjoy meals instead of being afraid.

“Happy to be accompanied by mothers”

With the BATLOTE community, Ms. Quynh Anh – the author of the method Do not force, treat anorexia in children is trusted by many mothers, thanks to her advice on the child’s anorexia. However, Quynh Anh is always concerned because there are still many mothers who do not know the community, which means that many children with anorexia have not been treated.

Therefore, she decided to publish a book about anorexic children. The content of the book consists of 2 parts including Cure anorexia and Cure anorexia with 27 articles she has shared in the group since 2020. The articles are divided into stages, anorexia age of children, helping mothers with the diaper. Easy to apply and get results faster.

Along With That, The Book Provides More Definitions

Along with that, the book provides more definitions, concepts as well as ways to cure fear and anorexia from milk to weaning that she once shared in her group. This book not only marks a new development in Quynh Anh’s career but also creates a greater influence on the method of Do not force, cure anorexia in children. Quynh Anh believes that the book will help diaper mothers who do not have access to the Internet to also access this method.

In particular, Quynh Anh emphasized that the experience of treating anorexia for her children was “terrible” for many other mothers. Therefore, she hopes that the experiences and emotions she shares in the book will help more mothers to be more confident in their parenting journey.

Currently, Ms. Vu Quynh Anh is in the process of copyright registration for the book. In the near future, the book will soon be released and reach interested mothers. “I hope that the book will partly change the mindset of Vietnamese mothers to take care of their children, to not only take care of their children healthier but also free themselves from unnecessary stress,” said Quynh Anh. said.

Until now, Quynh Anh’s BATLOTE community still receives the attention of diaper mothers across the country. If you are concerned or have a child with anorexia, anorexia, immediately. Join Quynh Anh’s community to find solutions for yourself.

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