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The best lactose-free milk brands [2022]


The 2022 top picks for lactose-free milk brands include Organic Valley, Horizon, 360 by Whole Foods Market. Clover Sonoma Happy Belly, Natrel, and Fairlife Yup. 

All these brands have been fortified with vitamins D and A and contain the lactase enzyme to make it easier for those with lactose intolerance to consume. Furthermore, the milk used is of grade A or organic quality and doesn’t contain any growth hormones.

Milk is a ubiquitous presence in refrigerators around the world. It is a great accompaniment to breakfast cereal and can give an extra depth of flavor to smoothies and soups.

 Not to mention, it is a perfect refreshment when served in a cold glass.

If you are having difficulty managing your lactose intolerance. Do you believe you must forgo dairy products for the remainder of your life? Is there another alternative?

The milk industry has thankfully been very diligent in producing lactose-free milk that has the same great taste as regular milk.

Lactose is the primary sugar present in milk, and it is the cause for some individuals to lose the aptitude to digest it after a certain period of time.

As you get older, the body stops producing enough of the enzyme lactase to effectively digest dairy products. Lactase is necessary in order to break down lactose, which is found in dairy products.

Roughly two-thirds of people may have difficulty digesting lactose, depending on ethnic background and geographical location. 

For those who do, opting for a lactose-free milk alternative can help them reap the taste and nutrition benefits without having to endure the unfavorable effects.

Investigate the top lactose-free milk products and get useful details on each milk type!

Reviewed: Lactose-Free Milk Brands

This is a brief summary of the lactose-free milk brands I have researched and reviewed, highlighting their key features. I have included: 

[Brand Name] which is lactose-free, [Brand Name] which has a high calcium content, [Brand Name] which is fortified with vitamins, and [Brand Name] which has a creamy texture.

Brand Key Feature
Organic Valley 2% Lactose-Free Milk Pasture-raised cows Pasture-raised cows
Horizon Organic Lactose-Free 2% Milk Tastes creamy
365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Grade A Milk fantastic pricing
Clover Sonoma Lactose Free 2% Reduced Fat Milk Family-owned 
Happy Belly Lactose Free 2% Reduced Fat Milk Money-back promise
Natrel Lactose Free 2% Milk Shelf-stable
fairlife YUP! 2% Reduced Fat Ultra-Filtered, Lactose Free Milk smaller containers

1. Lactose-free 2% Organic Valley Milk

Organic Valley’s fantastic 2% lactose-free milk, which comes from pasture-raised cows, is the first item on our list.

Cows that have been raised in open pastures are likely to produce milk that is richer in nutrients and has a better flavor.

This product contains lactase, allowing the lactose in milk to be broken down without sacrificing its delicious taste and nutritional benefits.

The organic nature of this product means that it does not include any rBST, and it has been fortified with Vitamin D and Vitamin A.

Other options for milk include 1% low-fat, whole, and low-fat chocolate milk, so everyone is sure to find something that appeals to their taste.

2. Horizon Lactose-Free Organic 2% Milk

Our next selection is an excellent 100% USDA Organic certified option by Horizon Organic.

A lactase derivative called lactase can help reduce the amount of lactose in milk, thereby alleviating digestive issues commonly associated with lactose intolerance.

This milk offers an exceptional nutrition level with vitamins A and D; its delectable taste makes it hard to detect that it’s lactose-free until you check the label.

You can be certain that the organic milk does not contain any remaining pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics due to its organic nature.

If you’re looking for something with a creamy texture and flavor but without the lactose, then Horizon Organic’s Lactose-Free Whole Milk might be just the thing for you.

3. Milk, Organic Grade A 360 by Whole Foods Market

This selection is available from Whole Foods’ in-house brand 365 and is made of USDA-certified organic Grade A milk. It’s an excellent price for a lactose-free product.

The company takes pride in not over-pasteurizing its milk, leading to a shorter shelf-life but an enhanced taste.

Ultra-pasteurization increases the heat of the milk to a higher level, which could change the taste of it.

This enzyme, lactase, is capable of breaking down the lactose sugar into two simpler and more easily digestible sugars – galactose and glucose.

This decomposition can help reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance, allowing you to consume the dairy that you enjoy without discomfort. Furthermore, it contains vitamins D and A.

4. Lactose Zero 2% Fat-Reduced Milk by Clover Sonoma

The two brands presented are equal in terms of their quality, so you should select the one with the flavor and price that meets your needs and budget.

Clover Sonoma is an excellent pick as it is produced with milk from family-run farms in Northern California.

These milk products, like the others mentioned, contain lactase to reduce lactose, as well as added vitamin D and vitamin A, to improve the nutritional value.

The cows they look after are not given rBST and are handled in compliance with the American Humane Certified animal welfare regulations.

I am of the opinion, though not scientifically proven, that content and healthy milk derives from cows that are contented.

Clover Sonoma carries out tests on a regular basis to guarantee that the bacteria count in their milk meets or is below the federal and state criteria.

Making sure that the milk you bring home is both delicious and safe.

If you are looking for something creamier than milk, consider lactose-free whole milk as an option.

If you like chocolate milk, you can get lactose-free whole chocolate milk for a tasty and creamy option.

5. Reduced-Fat 2 1% Happy Belly Lactose-Free Milk

Happy Belly, Amazon’s brand, offers an alternative for those who are looking for lactose-free milk that tastes good.

This milk is sourced from Grade A cows and has not been treated with rBST.

This product is fortified with Vitamin A and D, and contains lactase to help with digestion and reduce the severity of lactose intolerance symptoms.

The greatest advantage of the milk is their assurance of a full refund if you are not pleased with it.

If you are looking for the top-quality brand, this milk is an ideal choice to sample.

Wo percent milk isn’t to your taste, there’s a creamy alternative: dairy-free milk.

If you’re looking for something lower in fat, they also provide one percent lactose-free milk.

6. 22% Mil Natrel Lactose No Cost

The following two names on the list are great for those looking to bring milk on the go or for those with limited refrigerator space, as they are both shelf-stable.

Natrel Lactose-Free Milk is free of any preservatives or additives and is preserved through pasteurization and sealed packaging to keep it fresh, even when outside of the refrigerator.

7. 2.2% Lower Fat Ultra-Filtered, Lactose-Free Milk by Fairlife YUP!

If you are a parent or often on the go due to work, FairLife YUP! lactose-free milk is an ideal option since it comes in smaller servings and stays fresh for extended periods of time.

These bottles come in a 14 fluid-ounce size and can be stored in the pantry or kept in the fridge.

This milk is free of lactose and enriched with vitamins D and A. Additionally, it is preserved with natural vitamin E.

This beverage contains natural flavoring, so it may have a slightly different flavor than milk that is completely lactose-free.

It is uncertain if the milk falls into Grade A, so it is important to take this into consideration when determining if it is the best choice for you.

The Best Ways To Choose Lactose-Free Milk

To determine the best lactose-free dairy product for your needs, the first step is to assess what kind of milk you need and how it will be used.

Do you desire rich whole milk? Are you in search of unfit or low-fat milk for cereal? Do you need shelf-stable, stable milk to take along on your travels?

No matter what your preference is, you can try out the perfect lactose-free milk from the selection given below. These varieties of milk are all free from the sugar lactose.

Contains the enzyme lactase

Most companies use an enzyme called lactase to break down the lactose in milk, so that your body does not need to digest it. Lactase will effectively break up the lactose sugar found in milk, eliminating it from the beverage.

If you have an intolerance to lactose, your body may not generate enough lactase, leading to distress after consuming milk.

By incorporating lactase into their products, it is possible to get fantastic milk that is both lactose-free and comparable to regular milk.

Fortified With Vitamins A And D

Many top-quality milks are fortified with vitamins A and D to boost their nutritional content. Consuming lactose-free milk is an excellent way to get your daily dose of vitamin D and calcium.

Certified Organic

When cows that produce milk are fed a nutritious diet, the nutritional and taste advantages are transferred to the milk that you consume.

Organic milk comes from cows that have not been administered with growth hormones or antibiotics, meaning there are no such substances in the milk.

Opting for organic milk will provide you with a pure and tasty glass of milk that is free from the risk of contamination by pesticides and antibiotics.

Milk of Grade A

Verify that the milk you are purchasing is organic-certified grade A. This indicates that it has been processed in a safe and hygienic environment, and is free of any possible contamination.

Choose milk that is free of RBST

Recombinant bovine somatotropin (RBST) is a synthetic hormone that has been developed to enhance milk production in cows. It is a form of growth hormone that stimulates milk production.

In some countries, like Canada, the European Union, and Canada, it is prohibited to employ.

Using rBST has the potential to lead to a rise in diseases in cows that are administered it.

The infection may necessitate broader utilization of antibiotics, and as evidenced, these medicines can be transferred into milk that is subsequently ingested.

Bonus: Milk with A2 protein

Individuals who are lactose intolerant may also be sensitive to certain dairy proteins, which could lead to symptoms akin to those associated with lactose intolerance.

The most commonly encountered protein allergen is the A1 protein present in milk.

An increasing number of businesses are offering milk that is derived from cows which exclusively produce A2 proteins, thereby making it free of A1 proteins.

This alteration could make the milk more easily digestible while still providing the same delicious flavor and nutrition of a quality glass.

Extra: 2%milk from A2 Milk Company A2 Milk Company 2% milk

If it appears that removing lactose from your diet does not get rid of your milk sensitivity, it is possible that you are sensitive to casein, a specific type of protein found in dairy products.

Many companies use milk that has a high concentration of casein A1, a protein that can be troublesome for those who are sensitive or allergic to it.

The business employs milk that is endorsed to be made up solely of A2 casein, which is not as likely to provoke grievances of sinus or digestive ailments.

This brand contains vitamins D and A and does not contain rBST. It is not lactose-free, however, it may be worth considering if the other brands have been tried and there are still issues after drinking milk.

They also offer whole milk that is softer with only A2 proteins in its cases.

Exploring a fat-free option is essential if you want to avoid fat, so you should investigate the variation without fat.

A good choice for carrying around or taking on your travels is their powdered milk, which is enclosed in a resealable pouch and can last for a long time on the shelf.

This is a roundup of the best lactose-free milks available

If you struggle with lactose-intolerance, or you know someone who does, you now possess all the information necessary to make a well-informed decision on the ideal milk that is devoid of lactose.

Ensure you are choosing products that contain lactase enzymes, additional vitamins D and A, are from organically-raised cows, are Grade A certified, and have no growth hormones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Best Lactose-Free Milk?

Best Lactose-Free Milk is a lactose free. ortified milk that is sourced from organically-raised cows and is certified Grade A, free from growth hormones and enriched with vitamins D and A.

What makes Best Lactose-Free Milk different from other lactose-free milks?

Best Lactose-Free Milk contains added ingredients to help those with lactose intolerance enjoy a delicious, nutritious and lactose-free dairy product. It contains lactase enzymes and vitamins D and A. It is also certified Grade A and free from growth hormones.

How is Best Lactose-Free Milk produced?

A lactose-free milk made from organic cows is what Best Lactose-Free Milk is all about. It is also fortified with added vitamins D and A and contains lactase enzymes.

Is Best Lactose-Free Milk safe to use?

Yes, Best Lactose-Free Milk is safe to use as it is free from growth hormones and is certified Grade A. It is also fortified with vitamins D and A and contains lactase enzymes.


Best Lactose-Free Milk is the perfect choice for those seeking a lactose-free milk option that is both nutritious and delicious.

Not only does it contain lactase enzymes, added vitamins D and A. Additionally, it is Grade A certified, comes from cows grown organically, and lacks growth hormones.

With its excellent nutrition profile and delicious taste. Best Lactose-Free Milk is sure to be an excellent choice for those looking for a lactose-free milk option.

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