New solutions in nutrition for the elderly

The decline in health due to age requires a reasonable diet for the elderly. How do you choose nutrition solutions to protect the health of the elderly?

Due to the natural degenerative mechanism, the older you are, the weaker your health will be, and your body functions. Will also gradually decline. At this age, the elderly are very susceptible to chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, malnutrition, etc. Having a proper nutrition regimen contributes to ensuring health. as well as supporting recovery.

Nutrition for the elderly

According to nutritionists, there is not a common diet for everyone, based on the health status and symptoms of the disease, each person will have different nutritional regimens to suit.

In the case of elderly people with diabetes. the diet requires foods to ensure factors that help stabilize blood sugar. The amount of bad fat and cholesterol. Especially minimised and optimized. Use a low GI starch system first.

In the case of elderly people with osteoporosis, the diet must ensure adequate amounts of Calcium, Vitamin D3, and minerals to protect the bone and joint system. For sick people, after illness or after surgery, it is necessary to supplement with high energy-rich multi-micronutrient proteins to restore health.

Similarly for people with digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, soft, easy-to-digest foods will help protect the stomach and heal the damaged digestive system quickly. Therefore, choosing nutritious foods for the elderly according to each condition is essential to speeding up the recovery process, avoiding prolonged fatigue.

Pioneering in creating a medical ecosystem, Tricare provides nutritional solutions for the elderly based on scientific achievements of the world and Vietnam to help take care of the health of people, families, and communities.

Tricare is a national brand in 2018, led by experienced nutritionists and prestigious research agencies in Vietnam. The Nutricare provides nutritional solutions for the elderly such as Nutricare Gold, Nutricare Bone, Glucare Gold… to meet each patient’s condition.

Nutricare Gold – Strengthening the health of the elderly

There Nutricare Gold is a product that provides nutrition for the elderly. People with energy needs, people who need to gain weight. Weak bodies, people before and after surgery. The elderly who eat poorly. The body is weakening as well.

Nutricare Gold is supplemented with HMB with high-quality protein BCAA, Arginine, and a balanced source of 27 vitamins & minerals, Antioxidants system (A, C, E & Selenium) to help strengthen immunity, recover health quickly after an illness.

The Nutricare Gold product has won the title of “Golden product for public health”, demonstrating the effective. Care for public health in general and the health of the elderly in particular.

Nutricare Bone  Helps strengthen bones, joints, healthy heart

The Nutracare Bone product line is based on the biological characteristics of the Vietnamese. Supplementing with calcium and other ingredients. Supporting the prevention of osteoporosis. And improving bone and joint function.

Nutricare Bone with high content of calcium nano is easily absorbed with vitamin D3, vitamin K2 to help transport, increase calcium density attached to the skeleton, prevent & fight osteoporosis. Hydrolyzed collagen type II with Glucosamine helps to reduce joint pain, increase mobility and flexibility of joint cartilage.

Several of the ingredients in Nutricare Bone milk are imported from Europe. The production line applies the quality management system according to international standards ISO 22000:2018 & GMP, HACCP with high reliability and safety. To achieve these certifications, the enterprise’s production system must meet the rigorous standards set by QUART. The certificates certified by. It is recognized on the international market by QACERT.

Glucare Gold – Nutritional solution for people with diabetes

Glucare Gold has been clinically proven at the University of Sydney – Australia as a nutritional solution for diabetics with a low glycemic index (GI=48), a national brand product in 2018.

With an advanced sugar system (Isomalt, Maltitol, Palatinose) slow absorption and Chromium is certified by the European. Food Safety Authority to control blood sugar after oral administration. At the same time, Glucare Gold contains MUFA and PUFA fats that are good for heart health, helping to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. Omega 3 supports stroke prevention with 29 essential micronutrients to help keep the body healthy and increase resistance.

Not only a nutritional product for people with diabetes. Glucare Gold is also a reasonable source of nutrition for people at risk of diabetes, also known as pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes.

Nutricare  National brand of medical nutrition

The in offers nutritional solutions for the elderly. tailored to each person’s physical condition. these Nutricare creates a healthcare ecosystem. with a mission to care for the health of people. families, and communities with nutritional solutions, products, and services.

At the 7th “Top 100 best products and services for families and children”. Honoring ceremony taking place in Hanoi. Top 10 prestigious food companies in 2021. Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam. This is an honest and objective measure from the customer himself. It is also the recognition and appreciation of prestigious organizations. For the quality of Nutricare’s products and services.

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