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How To Straighten A Wavy Human Hair Wig?


It’s not unusual for you to want to switch up your Brazilian deep wave closure wigs and body wave closure wigs as time goes on. Hairstyles, like all aspects of fashion, are constantly changing. You can have a whole different look by changing the color and style of your wig. If you have a curly human hair wig, you might be wondering if you can straighten it. The answer is yes, because your wig is composed of human hair, you can straighten it.

Here’s how you can straighten a wavy human hair wig by following these 3 different methods

Straightening Wigs Using A Flat Iron

 Straight  body wave closure wigs with flat irons

  • Wear a pair of heat-resistant gloves and turn on your flat iron. These are crucial since your flat iron, as well as the ⦁ body wave closure wig you’re flat ironing, may become extremely hot, potentially burning your skin.
  • Begin with tiny portions of the wig, moving your flat iron from the top down to the bottom. Repeat this process until your hair is as straight as you desire.
  • Work your way through the rest of the wig. Part by section, with your flat iron until you’ve finished all of the sections on your wig. You’ll need some patience because this process can take a long time.

Straightening  Wavy wigs With A Steamer

 Using a steamer on body wave closure wigs

Brush and section the hair, using hair clips to keep the top hair out of the way so you can focus on the lower hair first.

Switch on your steamer while carefully holding the bottom hair.

Repeat the technique with the hair on the top of the body wave closure wigs once you’ve finished steaming the bottom hair.

Unclip other portions of the wig and repeat the process until you’ve steamed the entire wig.

Tips: You can also use a hairdryer if you don’t have a steamer. However, you must be careful with the heat setting on your hair dryer because excess heat can harm your body wave closure wigs. If you’re using a hairdryer to do this, be careful not to get the nozzle of your hairdryer on the hair since this will harm your wig.

Straightening Curly Wig Without Heat

Straightening Curly Wig Without Heat No heat method to straighten hair

Section the hair down the middle of the wig with a brush.

Wet the ⦁ Brazilian deep wave closure wigs entirely and wrap them in small sections.

Wrap the sections around the back of the wig on the opposite side. To keep everything in place, you should use bobby pins. Rep with a new piece of the wig till it’s finished.

Allow the wig to air dry before wearing it again. Then, after it’s completely dried, remove all of the pins.


Follow the above steps and make straightening your curly wig an exciting and straightforward way to change your look. Check out the best collection of brazilian wave lace wig and Brazilian wave closure wig from True Glory Hair.

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