How To Cook a Pig In The Ground?

Preparing a whole pig by burying it underground can be a thrilling experience. It may take between four to nine hours, but the succulent flavor of the pork is well worth the wait!

To prepare your pig roast, begin by marinating, seasoning and basting the whole hog. Subsequently, fill the hollow inside the pig with hot rocks swathed in aluminum foil. 

Dig a hole in the ground and place the pig in it, covering it with banana leaves or, if they are unavailable, cabbage leaves to plug any leaks. 

Generally, it should take 6-8 hours to cook a whole hog, so check on the pit and the meat every hour.

If you are organizing your first ever pig roast or have an interest in learning about the Hawaiian practice of cooking an entire pig in the ground, termed ‘kalua pork’, then this article is for you!

In Cuban Style, How Do You Cook A Pig In The Ground?

When you’re looking to get together with friends and family for a scrumptious meal, you ought to try a Cuban-style slow-cooked whole hog cooked in the ground. Here are the steps to follow to make it happen.

  1. Purchase a whole pig from your neighborhood butcher.
  2. Obtain some freshly-squeezed sour orange juice from your local Latin grocer, puree garlic, add dried oregano, ground cumin, and rock salt, and blend it all together. Carefully inject the marinade into the pig, avoiding piercing the skin or making it too wet. Let the pig rest for a full 24 hours, and then fill the interior of the pig with warm rocks enveloped in aluminum foil.
  3. Dig a hole in your backyard, filling it with hardwood, stones, rocks that have not been exposed to salt water, bricks, and hot coals. Aim to get the temperature up to 250°F and then light the fire.
  4. Put the whole pig in a hole in the ground, and cover it with banana leaves (or, if unavailable, cabbage leaves) to keep the warmth and steam from the cooking process inside.
  5. After 6 hours of preparation, use a digital thermometer to check the temperature of the hog, then flip it over.
  6. After two hours of turning the pig, cover it with one of the sauces available at the grocery store (such as BBQ, soy sauce, Worcestershire, etc.) and continue to cook the pig for a further hour.
  7. Using a digital thermometer, determine if your kalua pig is cooked thoroughly, then accompanied with a chilled beer!

Cooking a whole pig in the ground: another step-by-step guide.

How Should A Pig In The Ground Be Prepared Cajun-Style?

If you’re looking to cook a full pig in the Cajun style, you’ll need a selection of spices and a Cajun Microwave. 

You may be wondering, what is this? It is a specialized hog roaster which makes it simpler to make a delectable, entire hog and the food cooked in it is mouth-wateringly delicious!

Prepare a whole hog by injecting your chosen Cajun rub, spices, rock salt, and sauces. Place the hog in a ‘Caja china’ (also known as a hardwood box) and seal it. 

Depending on the design of the box, you may need to add charcoal to the top or bottom. The cooking time will vary depending on the size of the hog, but typically takes at least two hours. Plan ahead and get ready to cook!

When cooking a pig underground, how long does it take?

If you have never roasted a pig before, you may be wondering how to cook it in the ground and how long it will take. 

Generally, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact time for the entire cooking process, however, it is advised that for every 10 lbs. 

For pig meat, one should prepare for about one hour and 15 minutes of cooking. Although it may take a while, the final result is certainly worth the wait!

How Long Does It Take To Cook A Complete Pig Weighing 50 Pounds Underground?

Preparing an entire suckling pig in the earth often calls for much more than a few hours and lots of endurance, yet the exceptional taste and succulent meat you will have will make it worth the effort. 

It is impossible to accurately predict the length of time it will take to cook the pig underground, but plan on several hours of the cooking procedure. You should start making preparations for your underground hog roasting several hours ahead of time!

Preparing a 50 pound suckling pig by burying it in the ground requires 7-8 hours of cook time, depending on the heat source. 

Additionally, the time it takes to cook the pig can be affected by whether it is filled with a stuffing, or just the meat itself is put into the pit.

How To Prepare A Pig For Outdoor Cooking?

If you are organizing a garden gathering with your associates and relatives, you might be considering cooking a roasted pig in your outdoor area. 

Allow me to inform you: no matter if it is your initial time roasting a pig or if you regard yourself as a professional postmaster, these tips I am about to provide will come in handy! Let’s begin.

First of all, calculate how many pounds of meat you will need for your guests and get a whole pig from your local butcher. Generally, it is recommended to plan for 1.5 pounds of meat per person. 

Consequently, a 30-pound young pig can provide enough meat for approximately two people.

Prepare the pit for your roasted pig by obtaining a whole hog and then beginning the necessary steps. To create kalua pork, you should start by reading the pit.

1.Construct a rectangular pit of around 4 feet deep by stacking up to 30 cinder blocks (bricks) and place a grate at the bottom. 

Place the whole pig, skin side up, on top of the great and add hot coals and wood to help the fire burn long and to retain heat.

  1. Cook your pig slowly for between 6-8 hours, depending on the size and amount of vegetables inside (a 50 lb young pig usually requires around 7 hours).
  2. Indulge in the succulent and delectable pig roasted in an earth oven!

When you are cooking a pig underground, make sure to add more wood to the fire if it begins to die down. Additionally, make sure to fill the whole cavity of your pig with hot rocks wrapped in aluminum foil.


Now you know how to cook a pig in the ground! Sure, it may take quite a bit of time, but the result will be outstanding! Try it out!

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