Correct Nutrition – The ‘Key’ To Promoting Good Athletic Performance And Recovery

For athletes to recover and perform at their best, nutrition they may also need a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients…

1. Why is nutrition important in training and sports competition?

Nutrition is essential to support the general health of athletes and their training needs. Having a proper diet will provide enough energy and nutrients to meet the needs for exercise and movement. In addition to helping optimal training performance, nutrition also facilitates good body recovery.

Athletes may consider:

  • Amount and ratio of macronutrients
  • Main meal and snack time
  • Vitamins and minerals for recovery and activity
  • Hydration.

The adjustment of these factors must be appropriate to the athlete’s weight and body composition, training time, and type of sport in which they practice, compete…

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Ninh, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine, a nutrition consultant for Vietnamese sports, said: Nutrition and training are two indispensable areas for athletes, especially athletes. high achievement encouragement. For those who practice normally, nutrition does not affect much, but for professional athletes who want to win a medal (top), nutrition is extremely important.

It is said that the right training is like the front wheel, driving in the right direction, and the right nutrition is like the rear wheel, the driving force that pushes the car to the destination. If the rear wheel is ‘flat tire’ – inadequate nutrition or improper nutrition – then with the right training, it is impossible to get to the finish line, and winning a medal is even more impossible, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Ninh emphasized.

2. Nutrition must be suitable for each individual

Assoc.Prof.Dr. According to Dr. Nguyen Xuan Ninh, in principle, everyone needs to have enough energy, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, fiber… so about the number of nutrients for athletes. Not much different from the average person. However, for athletes, the composition of these substances is very different, dFor bodybuilders, big, muscular muscles are required and fat must be reduced. Bodybuilders need 3-4 times more protein than normal. For example, the average person needs 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. An individual weighing 70 kg needs 70 grams of protein daily. If calculating into meat, multiply by 5 times (epending on the type of sport, the stage of training (before, during, and after the competition …), and must depend on the individual can…

about 3.5 ounces of meat). But for an athlete who needs three to four times more, it can take up to pounds of meat in a day. That’s not to mention the period when you need to gain weight, keep weight and then lose weight to gain muscle, tighten muscle… then the nutrition must be different.

For football athletes before entering the competition. During the competition, and after the competition, it is necessary to provide appropriate. Nutrition so that the athlete can compete in 90 minutes and extra time (if any) and recover. body recovery. During the competition. The time to ‘refuel’ is very little, so nutrition must be provided through drinking water and easily absorbed foods (during the break). When the game is over, the athlete is exhausted. The muscles are damaged, all nutrients are depleted, and water and electrolytes are lacking.

All those stages must have a very suitable diet. Not to mention the unique characteristics of each athlete: Some people are thin and lack fat. Some people are too fat, and the diet must be different. . Therefore, nutrition must be suitable for each individual is very important, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Ninh said.

3. The ratio of substances in the meal

The proportions of substances change according to each stage of the competition. Depending on the athlete, the energy must be enough, suitable for the condition of the body.

Overall compared to the average person:

Energy: Can increase more than or equal to

Protein: Need more because athletes have to strengthen muscles (muscle increases, health will increase) and increase bones, so even protein must be doubled, or tripled compared to the average person.

Fat: Moderate, can be equal to the average person, but fat must be beneficial for the cardiovascular system to work properly.

Vitamins and minerals: Usually have to increase a lot more, because athletes work with great capacity, so vitamins (helps with energy metabolism) and minerals such as B1, B2, B6, iron, calcium, and magnesium… need a lot to help regulate the body, to help ‘the apparatus, the bodywork well.

Antioxidants: Need a lot. When the body is active, it will produce intermediate or toxic metabolites. For example, the production of lactic acid can cause muscle pain… These toxic substances must be eliminated from the body or must be neutralized by something immediately. And the role of antioxidants is very important. to neutralize these toxic substances. Helping the body to be less tired, less painful and the body to work better…

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