Can You Eat Starburst Wrappers?


.Although the wrappers themselves are not harmful. They are not intended for consumption and could potentially lead to health problems if eaten in large quantities.

A lot of people enjoy having Starbursts pre-packaged in their wrapper for the ease of being able to eat the candy without having to “laboriously” unwrap them.

Gain an understanding of the components of Starburst wrappers. The motivations people have for eating them, and what you should do if you inadvertently swallow the wrapper.

Why Eat a Starburst Wrapper?

The Wrigley Company offers the widely adored Starbursts candy.

In 1960, a soft taffy candy was released, quickly becoming an iconic and globally renowned brand in the United States.

Previously, Starburst candy was distributed in bars, each containing individual pieces of the confectionery that were wrapped separately.

The majority of people prefer to remove the wrapper of candy before eating it. But some choose to eat it with the wrapper on, as it can save time. Nonetheless, why are Starburst wrappers thought of as edible food?

It is clear that, in comparison to other brands that package their goods with foil or plastic. Starbursts are individually wrapped with paper that is treated with a special wax designed to create an airtight barrier between the candy and its wrapper.

The wax coating prevents the wrapper from sticking to the candy. And this method of packaging has been employed since the candy was first introduced.

The paper gives the impression that the item is edible. Yet it is essential to remember that the firm never endorsed or discouraged eating it.

It is indeed accurate that not many individuals eat Starburst in its wrappers. Fortunately, there have been no grievances concerning this matter. Which is why Starburst has not taken any action at this stage.

Despite the extra time involved, people are still taking advantage of the opportunity to save a few seconds by consuming the candy without unwrapping it.

Some people might even bite off a piece of paper right from the bar with their teeth. When you take a moment to consider it, you could say you’re ingesting paper, right? But it’s not really.

Manufacturers include all ingredients and other details such as marketing and regulation on the packaging of their products. Nevertheless, there is no data available regarding the chemicals or components used.

The wrapper may have words like “made from recyclable material”, however, it does not provide a list of the brand name components used in the packaging since these are not intended to be consumed.

How safe are Starburst wrappers?

It is a knotty query to address due to the lack of available data on the wrappers; luckily, there have not been sufficient cases of ingestion or use of the wrappers to necessitate they make known any information on the ingredients they contain.

Rather than responding to a particular event on social media, the best way to approach the situation is to adhere to general standards of behavior, such as refraining from chewing on the packaging.

Are you still not convinced?

Individuals who eat Starbursts candy that is packaged should be aware of potential hazards associated with this activity. 

These may include things such as choking, consuming too much sugar, and ingesting unknown substances.

On the packaging, there is ink.

The wrappers are not just any type of paper, they are printed with ink.

In most cases, manufacturers use inks on packaging materials that come into direct contact with food items that are considered to be food-safe. 

However, for Starburst wrappers, each candy is individually packaged and the logo of the candy is printed on the outside of the wrapper, making it impossible to know if it is safe to consume or not.

Consider it in this way: we have been taught for a long time to not put food in containers wrapped with newspapers or printed material due to the potential for ink to transfer onto the food.

The same reasoning holds true here. As people may be more likely to ingest wrappers, this could pose a greater danger.

The Concentrated Dye is in the Paper Wrappers.

Wrappers come in a wide array of colors, just like the printed materials that they contain.

Starburst candy is celebrated for its vibrant packaging and the range of colors used to denote the different flavors. For instance, the lemon-flavored Starbursts are typically a vivid yellow.

We researched the online materials and knowledge base provided by Starbursts, but were unable to find any reference to the type of dye used to produce the packaging or the materials used to create it. The secret behind this is still unknown.

It can be concluded that consuming large quantities of ink and dye should not be a regular part of one’s diet!

The Wrappers Might Lead To Digestive Problems

Starbursts appear to be composed of a combination of paper and other materials. The porous nature of paper enables it to absorb the oils released by the candy when it is heated.

The fact that the wax coating and paper wrap on Starburst’s packaging keep it clean and uncontaminated indicates that there must be something more to this “paper” covering than meets the eye.

It is important to remember that paper is composed of many fibers, the majority of which are insoluble.

Soluble fibers are typically capable of being dissolved in liquids and gastrointestinal fluids, and do not typically cause any issues when present in the body.

Insoluble fiber is in contrast to its counterpart; it does not break down in the digestive system and instead passes through largely unchanged.

Most of the insoluble fibers that we eat come from natural sources and are intended to increase the consistency and volume of our feces.

The packaging of Starburst wrappers may remain intact as it passes through the digestive system, potentially leading to blockages.

The accumulation of a large number of wrappers in the digestive tract can potentially lead to a full or partial obstruction of the intestine, necessitating swift medical attention.

Signs of intestinal blockage may include abdominal discomfort (dull or sharp), swelling, nausea, constipation, difficulty in passing stool or gas, etc.

Wrapping material, ink, and wax can all provoke an intense immune response, resulting in a variety of symptoms similar to those that occur when one is ill.

It is impossible to ascertain what allergens or other impurities may be present on the packaging’s outside surface.

What To Do If You Accidentally Ate A Wrapper?

If you have inadvertently ingested a wrapper, the safest course of action is to refrain from inducing vomiting without medical supervision. Try to put it off and don’t be scared.

Are you willing to take a gamble with the wellbeing of your family?

We have discussed the risks involved in eating candy in its wrapper, making you aware of the possible adverse consequences. We strongly recommend against the consumption of wrappers as they are not meant to be eaten.

If you have consumed a wrapper, it is advisable to speak to a qualified healthcare practitioner to find out what, if any, action needs to be taken.

Parents should be careful when providing Starbursts to kids, as the packaging can be a potential choking hazard.

Chewing on candy without any packaging can be difficult especially for kids, which is why it could be irritating to the throat.

If the company were to let you take Starbursts still in their wrappers. There could be a bonus in the form of wrappers with added flavoring, however, sadly, that is not an option.

FAQs Starbursts Wrappers

Rice-based paper is used for Starbursts wrappers?

In Japan, there are typically snacks that come wrapped in edible rice paper. These snacks are designed to be consumed in the wrapper, as the packaging is made of pure. Edible rice paper which is usually stated on the label of the product.

The wrapper for starbursts appears to be regular waxed paper, with no indication that the company has used it.

Starburst wrappers can be used to make what?

If you are fond of candy wrappers and would like to keep them, the best way to reuse them is to create crafts and artwork with them.

People who recycle candy wrappers, such as Starburst wrappers, can transform them into origami, jewelry, and other creative pieces.

What are Starburst wrappers? 

Starburst wrappers are paper wrappers that hold the individually wrapped Starburst candies. 

How many different colors of Starburst wrappers are there?

There are five different colors of Starburst wrappers including pink, yellow, orange, red, and purple.


Starburst wrappers are a fun and colorful way to enjoy the classic candy. Not only do the wrappers add a new twist to the candy. But they also provide a convenient way to store and carry the Starburst around.

Whether you want to enjoy a piece of candy or use the wrappers to decorate a room. Starburst wrappers are a unique and creative way to enjoy the delicious candy.


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