Before And After of Wella T18 Toner on Orange Hair

If you have orange hair, it can be hard to locate a toner that is suitable for it. There are many toners out there that are not suitable for orange hair.

If you’re considering using the Wella t18 toner on orange hair, you’ll likely be looking for a way to reduce the amount of orange pigmentation.

Fortunately, the Wella t18 is one of the few products that can successfully accomplish this. It tones down the orange hue of your hair, giving you a more natural-looking appearance.

This article will evaluate the effectiveness of the T18 toner on orange hair, what one can anticipate from it, and provide advice on how to use it to get the desired results.

Toner Wella T18 – what is it?

When it comes to hair colouring, there is a wide array of options to choose from. Permanent dyes, semi-permanent and temporary tints are all available on the market, making it difficult to decide the best one for you.

To make the selection process easier, consider your desired outcome and the amount of time and effort you are willing to commit.

Toning has become increasingly popular in recent times, which involves using a specific colorant to neutralize any undesired tones in your hair, so you can achieve a more natural-looking hue.

If you have had difficulty removing a yellow or bronze hue, then toning could be the answer for you.

A broad selection of toners is available from Wella, including the T18 line which features a number of hues formulated to counteract the orange and yellow tones.

This article examines Wella t18 toner before and after effects on orange hair, providing an in-depth look to help you determine if it is the suitable choice for you.

Wella T18 toner is a kind of dye that helps to neutralize any undesired yellow or orange tones in your hair.

It can be used directly on the hair after shampooing and conditioning, or it can be blended with water and then applied with a brush.

The T18 toner offers several hues, all tailored to various hair types and needs. The most sought-after colour is the Lightest Ash Blonde, an ideal choice for those with orange locks looking to create a subtle blonde look.

What are the benefits of Wella T18?

The Wella t18 toner utilizes a unique colorant to neutralize any orange or yellow tones in your hair. Applied accurately, it leaves behind a more natural-looking blonde hue.

To use the Wella t18 toner, mix it with water, then apply to your hair with a brush. Ensure that you follow all package instructions carefully to prevent over- or under-toning your hair.

T18 Wella toner for orange hair: how to use it

If you are new to using toner, it is essential to read and adhere to the directions on the label. Put on gloves and use a plastic cap to stop any colour from staining your garments.

Wait approximately 20 minutes after applying the toner before rinsing it off. To ensure all of the product is removed, it may be necessary to shampoo your hair twice.

Once you have washed out the toner, your hair will have a healthier and more lustrous appearance. To maintain your new color, it is recommended to use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and avoid using heat styling tools.

How does Wella t18 toner work on orange hair?

The effects of applying the Wella T18 toner to orange hair will depend on how long you keep it in, the frequency of use, and the desired blonde shade.

As a general rule, you can anticipate a visible alteration in the colour of your hair after only one application.

To lighten your blonde shade, you may need to apply the t18 toner multiple times in order to get the look you desire.

It is essential to remember that the T18 toner will not lighten your hair; if you desire a lighter colour, you have to use a bleach or highlights kit before you tone the hair.

Does it last for a long time?

The effects of Wella t18 toner on orange hair can last for a few weeks, yet the duration of the results varies depending on how often you shampoo and what products you use.

If you use multiple products in your hair or wash it frequently, the effects of the T18 toner may not be as long-lasting.

To prolong the longevity of your colored hair, utilize a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and forgo heat styling tools. Furthermore, wait a minimum of two days after dyeing your hair before washing it once more.

Is it safe to use?

Most people consider the Wella t18 toner to be safe to use. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of an allergic reaction with any type of hair coloring product. If you have had a past allergic reaction to hair dye, you should not use the t18 toner.

It is noteworthy that the t18 toner comprises ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which can be quite drying to the hair.

Consequently, if you have dry or damaged hair, it may be beneficial to utilize a conditioner after applying the t18 toner.

How do the pros and cons compare?


Achieving a more natural-looking blonde hue is possible with a product that eliminates unwanted orange and yellow tones from hair. The results can last for a few weeks and are considered safe for most people.


If you have dry or damaged hair, using a hair dryer can be costly and may lead to allergic reactions. Additionally, it may not be successful in lightening your hair if you are trying to achieve a lighter shade.


How can Wella T18 Toner help with my orange hair? 

Wella T18 Toner can help to neutralize and eliminate orange tones in your hair, leaving it looking brighter and more vibrant.

Is Wella T18 Toner safe to use on dry or damaged hair? 

Yes, Wella T18 Toner is safe to use on dry or damaged hair, however it may be drying to your hair if you already have dry or damaged hair.

How much does Wella T18 Toner cost? 

Wella T18 Toner can be expensive, depending on where you purchase it from.

Are there any potential allergic reactions to using Wella T18 Toner?

Yes, there is the potential for allergic reactions when using Wella T18 Toner, so it is best to use with caution.

Can Wella T18 Toner help to lighten my hair? 

Wella T18 Toner can help to neutralize and eliminate orange tones in your hair, but it may not lighten your hair if you are hoping to achieve a lighter shade.


Wella T18 toner is a great option for those looking to neutralize undesired yellow or bronze tones in their hair.

It is easy to apply and provides a natural-looking hue. However, it is important to consider your desired outcome and the amount of time and effort you are willing to commit before making a purchase.

With this information in mind, you can make an informed decision about what toner will best suit your needs.

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